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Injured in a Work Accident?

It is important to hire an experienced Florida workers' compensation attorney to represent you in matters involving work-related accidents.

The workers' compensation laws are designed to protect injured employees, regardless of fault. If the injured worker was at fault, he or she is still eligible for benefits. These benefits include medical care and indemnity (lost wages).

Each year, over 6 million workers are injured and at least 10,000 workers are killed in work-related accidents in the U.S. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a work-related accident, you may be entitled to certain benefits, including medical expenses, lost wages, disability payments and other costs.

At The Schiller Kessler Group, our attorneys ensure that workers and their families receive just compensation when a work-related injury occurs.

Hire an experienced Florida workers' compensation attorney!

When on the job as a construction worker, laborer or industrial worker in Florida, you can only hope that your employer has followed federal safety regulations, provided you with a hazard-free environment, trained you properly and supplied you with well-maintained machinery and safety equipment. An on-the-job injury can be devastating for a worker who relies on their physical health to bring home a paycheck and support their family. A serious injury can cost a worker more than hospital bills and other medical costs – it can keep a person out of work for a significant amount of time or even ruin their career for good.

Florida worker's compensation is a no-fault system, which means injured workers may be entitled to benefits regardless of who is at fault for the work-related accident. Generally, to be eligible for  worker's compensation benefits, all of the following must occur:

  • The accident must occur at or during work
  • The accident must be caused while performing a work-related activity
  • The accident must happen without warning at a specific time (although some occupational diseases are covered)

It is important to hire an experienced Florida workers' compensation attorney to represent you in matters involving work-related accidents. At SKG we understand that times like these can be very difficult for the entire family. We have a highly experienced staff to assist you in getting the medical attention you need and the compensation that you are entitled to under the law. We work diligently to make sure that you and your family are protected.

Initial consultations are free. You pay no fees or costs if no recovery is made. We also offer in-home or hospital consultation if you are not able to come to our office. If you've been injured on the job and have questions about your legal rights, we are here to assist you. 

The Schiller Kessler Group provides aggressive and effective legal representation to our clients with the highest standards of excellence, compassion and integrity. We always provide personalized attention and deliver prompt communication so that our clients always know where their case stands. Contact our offices anytime to schedule a free consultation.

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