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Things you can do to resolve a case in your favor

If liability can be clearly proven, it is probable that a settlement can be obtained. In resolving an automobile/motorcycle case, those in which critical evidence has been obtained will facilitate counsel in obtaining a favorable resolution. If a jury trial becomes necessary, this evidence becomes the crucial factor in proving liability and damages.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that you have maximized your potential for recovery:

  • Under Florida law, if any personal injury or property damage occurs in an auto/motorcycle accident, a police report must be filed. If a police report was not made at the scene of the accident, contact the police in the city where the accident took place, as soon as possible and file a report.
  • Write down the drivers' information and license plate numbers of the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Try to get the name, phone number and address of any people who witnessed the accident. Please allow only your lawyer to contact any potential witness(es).
  • Go to the hospital emergency room immediately if you are in any pain whatsoever. Do not be afraid to tell the doctor about every area of your body in which you are experiencing pain.

We strongly advise you to have no communications with the other driver's insurance company. Instruct them to contact your attorney. 

Once our law firm is retained, we will send our investigator to take photographs of the vehicles involved, the accident scene and take witness statements. If you or someone else in the vehicle sustained visible injuries, (i.e., cuts, bruises, stitches) permit our investigators to take photos of those injuries. 

Take your vehicle for a repair estimate. Obtain written estimates from at least two repair shops. You are not required to use a repair shop suggested by your insurance company. We suggest that you obtain at least one estimate from a repair shop that was not suggested by an insurance company. Contact your attorney prior to authorizing any repairs to your damaged vehicle. 

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