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I would definitely recommend this law firm!

I got in an accident in March of 2018. I was in a rental car from Enterprise, and my insurance had just lapsed! I hired the Schiller Kessler group based on their great reviews and I must say I'm quite happy with my decision! They got the full cost of the rental car covered and also got my medical expenses covered, and I was super happy and surprised with my final settlement amount. There was no pulling teeth for my money. Honestly, in the 9 months it took to settle the case, i only spoke to the actual lawyer once, maybe twice. However, my case manager, Grace Treto, was AMAZING. There were times when I got frustrated with the process and lack of communication as far as what was going on with the case, HOWEVER , Grace was always very transparent, and always calm and so nice, even when I was calling to raise hell, lol. She always answered my questions VERY thoroughly (and I ask A LOT of questions!). She was very knowledgeable about my case and the process in general and I appreciate her for that! I would definitely recommend this law firm!

– Noelle S.

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