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I cant recommend them enough

I apologize for delay as my case was closed a month ago and have been meaning to write this. Mr. Schiller and his team (big shout to Fredi) were amazing. From beginning to end. They helped me every step of the way and at the end of it all, we settled for $305,000. This is not a nonsense review I am 100% serious. The ordeal of missing work, the bills piling up, the pain from the accident, all seems like a distant memory. Thanks to these guys. I cant recommend them enough. I just referred a friend who was in an accident because of their professionalism and courtesy to help literally every step of the way. I pray to god I truly never need them for this again but if I or anyone else I know does need a personal injury attorney, they are 100% where My recommendation or myself will be going. Thanks Marc and Fredi!

– Jeff P.

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