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Theophilos Poulopoulos

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Mr. Poulopoulos grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the Jepson School of Leadership Studies of the University of Richmond in Virginia and graduated with a dual degree in Leadership Studies and Political Science. While at the Jepson School, Mr. Poulopoulos studied English Property Rights and Legal Ethics abroad at Cambridge University in England.

Following his four years at Richmond, Mr. Poulopoulos attended University of Miami's School of Law. During his studies at UM, Mr. Poulopoulos was inducted into the Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honors Fraternity, served as the law school's American Bar Association Representative from 2009 to 2010, and was Speaker to the Senate of the Student Bar Association from 2010 to-2011. In 2011, he was named Senator of the Year for his ongoing dedication to and governance of the law school's student body.

Mr. Poulopoulos began his legal career at the Law Offices of Corredor, Husseini & Snedaker, P.A., in Miami, Florida. Prior to becoming an associate at the firm and while still attending UM Law, he was employed as a law clerk under his mentor, Maria Corredor, Esquire. After being admitted to the Florida Bar, Mr. Poulopoulos practiced personal injury protection and family law, and acquired extensive courtroom experience.

In 2015, Mr. Poulopoulos accepted the position of managing attorney at The Schiller Kessler Group's Personal Injury Protection department. Mr. Poulopoulos is dedicated to ensuring that his clients are exceptionally represented. He advocates vigorously on behalf of his clients to ensure that they receive proper and just compensation for medical services provided to their patients throughout Florida.

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