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Injured in a Car Accident?

Every three seconds, a car accident occurs.

Every three seconds an automobile or motorcycle accident occurs. Unfortunately, in many of these accidents people suffer severe personal injury and damage to their property. In addition, those who have suffered personal injury often incur medical bills, pain and suffering, the inability to perform routine daily activities and loss of income and rental car expenses.

People who operate automobiles have a duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. Failure to use reasonable care is the most common reason a driver will be held liable for the injuries caused in an accident.

In addition to a careless driver the following parties can be held liable for the injuries caused in an automobile accident:

  • Owner of the vehicle
  • Automobile manufacturer or part supplier
  • Corporation which owns vehicle involved in the accident
  • Leasing company
  • Rental car company
  • Automobile repair shop
  • Municipality
  • Property owner of the location where the accident occurred or owners of real estate in the immediate vicinity

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