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Teens are Jumping Out of Their Moving Cars. But Why?

Posted by Marc Schiller | Aug 03, 2018 | 0 Comments

Teens are Jumping Out of Their Moving Cars. But Why?


A video on Facebook shows a teen girl opening her passenger door, exiting the vehicle and dancing choreographed moves to Drake's song, “In My Feelings.” This is actually one of the thousands videos upload to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, known as the “In My Feelings Challenge.” The dance challenge was first seen in June when a comedian and social media star posted his own dance moves and challenged others to do the same. Since then, teens have answered the call, but not everyone is still dancing in the streets – nor should anyone like this.

The most recent incident to occur from the “In My Feelings Challenge” happened to teenage girl from Iowa. Believing the curving road she was traveling on was the perfect stage, she jumped out of the car, tripped, hit her head and later woke up in the hospital's intensive care unit. Suffering brain bleed, skull fracture and blood clots in her ear, this teen will now need intensive physical therapy and is warning other kids not to attempt the viral challenge.

The lesson learned here is this: keep your feelings in your car. Even if your teen believes that the road they are on is safe and free of traffic, that doesn't mean that they reduce their chances of injury. Pot holes, debris in the road or even one wrong move out of the car can result trips and falls, the possibility of being accidentally run over or worse. When it comes to the “In My Feelings Challenge,” tell your teen to take a pass and stay buckled up.

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